Being A Casino Dealer: Dream Job Or Nightmare?

Casino Dealer

If you have ever been to a casino, you would have come across what seems to be the chillest looking people on the planet: dealers. Dealers seem zen all the time, chatting you up while dealing cards, keeping you entertained all the time, and having a really good smile. You might have envied their chillness and might have even wanted to work as a dealer. But is it actually really worth it? Is there another side to the always sunny faced dealers of a casino?


FIrst of all, how do you become a dealer? Well, you do not have to have a formal education to be a dealer. So if education was your fear, there you go. However, that does not mean that every country sees it that way. There are several countries where people are supposed to have a license to practice as a live casino dealer. There are vocational training schools where people go to get a certificate by attending a course for dealing at the casino. There is also another obstacle that seems to be quite real. Once they hire a dealer, they are supposed to deposit an amount for their own training because most casinos do not train their dealers for free. So the dealer needs to have some backup cash before applying for the post of casino dealer. The more the number of games they are being trained in, the more money they need to pay to get the job.

Since that is cleared out, it takes us to the next question, how much do they make? Casino dealers usually only make minimum wage. Most of the money that casino dealers make, about 50 to 80 percent, comes from tips from gamblers. This brings us to another aspect of this job, which is being good with people. Only if you are good with people can you make them stay and play. The nicer you are with people, the better your chances of getting tipped well. Dealers also need to also be presentable at all times. Not only should they be presentable, but also good looking to some extent. Some casinos even go to the extent of ensuring that the dealers look flawless even in extreme close ups.

Do not take up dealing thinking that it is as easy as gambling. The dealers usually need to stand for long hours. When it comes to games like poker, they are supposed to sit for long hours. In spite of their hardships, they must be ready to deal with all types of people dealing with all kinds of emotions because the players may either be winning or losing and may take out their frustrations on the closest person they can get. So consider all these factors before taking up a job such as this.