Pros And Cons Of Being A Live Casino Dealer

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If you have ever been to a casino, you would have seen that one of the most happy seeming people there are the dealers at the casino. They always seem to be flawless, dressed neat and tidy and almost always polite. Although they seem indestructible, they seem so because that is part of their job description. So what are the pros and cons for working at a casino as a dealer?

Live Casino Dealer


First, the responsibilities if a casino dealer needs to be discussed. Although looking good and liking casino games are part of the job description of a casino dealer, those alone don’t make a good dealer. Dealers are also required to keep the customers entertained, while not getting distracted by them at any cost. They should also be able to handle stress responsibly. So it is safe to say that a person with anxiety around people should stay away from this industry.


First of all, the biggest advantage to being a casino dealer is that the person need not have much of a formal education. Anyone can be a live casino dealer with just about 2 weeks of training. They do not have to be good at math either, because all of the calculations regarding the payouts and whatnot are done by a computer allocated by the casino for the dealer. Another big advantage is that since casinos are run by big companies, they have well staffed human resource departments and hence give good benefits to the employees. These may include medical benefits, bonuses, reimbursements for people studying while working part time etc. The biggest advantage, though, is the fact that dealers get tips. Even though dealers only get paid minimum daily wage in some companies, they can get enough tips from customers.


Live dealers hardly get paid much, especially when starting out. They usually only get paid minimum wage, and it does not usually increase much for a long duration of time. Most of the money that dealers get, about 50 to 80 percent, are from tips from gamblers.
Looks are quite important for being a casino dealer. They represent the standard of the casino to the people at the table and therefore they need to look absolutely flawless. In some places, they are even required to look close to perfect even in extreme close ups.

Live dealers are supposed to take a training course before working there (unless you have years of experience). These courses are not funded by the casino, and therefore a new employee needs to have at least 500 dollars with them before taking up the job. Some countries do not allow dealers who do not have a license, and so that adds more monetary pressure on the croupier.